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The Decatur Community Partnership (DCP) is a formal network of the major health, human service, law enforcement, local government, educators, youth, parents and media agencies in Decatur and Macon County.  Serving Decatur/Macon County, a mid-size community of approximately 115,000, DCP collaborates with community organization leaders to effectively reduce substance abuse among youth and adults and to address the improvement of the overall health and quality of life factors of Decatur/Macon County Residents, identifying and addressing gaps in consumer service through an integrated service system that includes research of best practices and management team leadership working toward needed policy change, bringing more persons to self-sufficiency and/or independence.  Since its initial beginnings, DCP has been the recipient of at least a dozen governmental and private foundation grants, bringing in several million dollars to the community.  Numerous highly successful model projects and initiatives have been conducted including: Turning Point, Family Investment Project, Communities Can, Teen Reach, Youth Engagement Strategy (Y.E.S.) and Teen Court.



Decatur Community Partnership is committed to promoting collaborative programming among community organizations and individuals, and encouraging the integration of services to effectively improve the quality of life and the health of Macon County residents.

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